Matthews: Palin Crowds Think In Terms Of "White Vs. Other People"


  1. Wow, I always thought Chris Matthews to be a step or two above the "race-baiters" like Jackson and Sharpton. Man, am I read-faced about this, I was so wrong. I think spineless wonders like tubby Matthews realize the writing is on the wall and the end for his kook fringe types is near. I never knew I was such a bad person for going to gatherings where other white people are. Funny, in the news photos, I don't see cop cars being flipped or stores being looted.......

  2. Its such a shame to see Chris Matthews becoming a "race-baiter", also Norah O'Donnal, no way...All you need to do is watch MSNBCfor a short while and see they are in the tank for Mr. Obama as CNN was for Clinton and how Fox kinda sucked up to Bush. But jeez, come on and get of the racist crap. One observation, did you all notice who are the "racest" and "race-baiters"? That right, the so called "flower children". Their time has come and gone, hopefully the next generation can fix all these problems caused by the cume-bye-ya geberation.